Virginia Recount

I think votes should be counted 3 times or more - minimum.

I can honestly say, I think many people fear politics because "the whole system is rigged". I think that it is not the system that is rigged - it is the people who are too lazy. If you feel that something has been done wrong - ask to have it made right. In voting speak - that is asking for a recount! I already know there is going to be some stuff that will go down in 2012 - and that why I am preparin' ya'll for it. Make sure that everyday has a recount and things might just go our way.

Recounting Votes is American

There are only a few pleasures this earth provides me with. One, salt water taffy; Two, potty breaks, and three - recounting votes. I think that elections all over the country should be counted and recounted continuously. I guess I just don't want another Bush screwing everything up again. You feel me? When in doubt - recount!

Recount Minnesota Now!

On second thought, I guess we will have to wait until 2012.

I have got to admit, there is usually not a lot going down with elections in MN. It must be all the nice farm folks and what not, but I will be prepared when a recount is needed - oh, you bet-cha!

Indiana Election Recount Preparedness

It is not everyday that we have elections. Whether or not it should be I guess is up for debate. I am starting to get prepared for the recount of all those votes we cast when the next big election comes around - whether or not the decision is in my favor. You know why Indiana? I will do it because it is the American thing to do! Who is with me?